Instructions for Authors

The abstract should be send till 30th October 2016, via e-mail, at the corresponding address of the conference, The abstracts of the accepted paper will be published in a brochure which will be provided to all participants. The abstract should be written with Arial Narrow, size 12 pt., normal, line spacing: single and it will be of approximately 500 – 700 words, no more than 1 page.

Authors should submit final paper in English up to 8 A4 pages, using the paper format indicated in MS Word Sample. Authors must also indicate the Conference area to which the paper is submitted. The paper must be carefully checked for correct grammar and spelling.

Paper in extensor should be submitted electronically by e-mail until 30 November 2016. Author name should be used as file name (e.g. popescu.doc, smith.doc, etc).